Thai AMR Watch Data Dashboard


The International Health Policy Program, Thailand (IHPP)




Data Dashboard

It was unexpected that there is so much information on Antimicrobial resistance in Thailand. Still, people tend to have misconceptions towards this topic. It would be nice if policy makers see these dashboards and take action to help reduce the problems so that Thai people become more aware of Antimicrobial resistance.

Fern UX/UI Designer

This project has high intricacy on data and details whether it is the data displaying on the charts or the names of each antimicrobial and bacteria. It was impressive that the team be able to pull off such a powerful visualization.

Nick Frontend Developer

This project is a website with Interactive Data Visualization in a Strategic Dashboard type. It shows overall data gained from annual research reports, originally published in papers and e-book form. We intended to utilize the well-thought structure of the paper report to create interactive data visualizations that help analyze data in various aspects, such as data comparison by year. It adds more depth and flavor to the original research data.

Thiti Co-founder