Puripant Ruchikachorn (Joe)

Managing Director / Co-founder

Do/make something meaningful at Boonmee Lab

Thiti Luang (Jo)


Meaningful people building meaningful impacts

Rapee Suveeranont


Engineering challenges and culture of knowledge sharing

Yoonjo Shin


Everyone has his/her own unique stories. That makes our meaningful more meaningful.

The pride in our craftsmanship, quality of our work, and satisfaction of our clients are most important to us.

Suppaluck Tantivivathanaphand (Am)

Sr. Graphic Designer

it's never too late to start a meaningful change.

Pitchaya wongpan (Nokkaew)

UX/UI Designer

Natdanai Wiriyasart (Max)

Software Engineer, Frontend

Project at Boonmee Lab has variety, so my learning curve has been growing up so fast!

Katapat Supamatheekulwat (Bat)

Software Engineer (Front End)

Sirimongkon Semsa-nga (Benz)

Software Engineer (ฺBack End)

Apisara Burapongbundit (Ning)

Data Analyst

Patipol Saechan (Pon)

Data Analyst

Sornsawan Vetmol (Looksorn)

Project Manager

Thitiya Seeya (Fang)

Software Engineer, Backend [Oho Chat]

Tinakarn Janthong (Fahsai)

Software Engineer, Full-stack [Oho Chat]

I am not fixing bugs alone, but we are solving this together.

Suphon Saejia (Bank)

Flutter Engineer [Oho Chat]

Siwa Khongsuphap (Nick)

Software Engineer, Frontend [Oho Chat]

We love to craft meaningful things.

Thikamporn Simud (Ploi)

Software Engineer (Front End) [Oho Chat]

Ponkrit Punnit (Krit)

QA Engineer [Oho Chat]

Highway of life, no traffic, enjoy the ride. I know I may crash sometimes, Still gon' cross the finish line.

Chaphoo Surasriwongthip (Arthur)

Data Engineer

Nattametee Channithikul (Wave)

Data Analyst [Oho Chat]

Methasit Kongmon (Q)

Senior Product Owner [Oho Chat]

Jiraporn Kaeward (Cream)

Product Owner [Oho Chat]

Apichaya Kuama (Nan)

Product Designer [Oho Chat]

Sivada Phosaard (Pear)

Product Designer [Oho Chat]

Piraya Srinavin (Pie)

Product Marketer [Oho Chat]

Proadpran Jantarak (PloyEliz)

Content Creator [Oho Chat]

Sirilak Khitwongwattana (Mhee)

Graphic Designer [Oho Chat]

Palida Puttha (Mean)

Customer Success [Oho Chat]

Jeerapat Promborirak (Beam)

Customer Success [Oho Chat]

Sarocha Bureesirirat (Ploy)

BD&Sales [Oho Chat]

Jiranat Aiumui (Mark)

Office Manager, BMLxPU

Nachanok Sukpanyatham (Fah)

HR Manager

Parichat Khamken (Jar)

Admin Assistant


Krit Tantisangarun (Jame)

Software Engineer (Frontend)

Kwanprapa Unarat (Kwan)

UX/UI Designer

Laikhram Jamjuntra (Kaojao)

Software Engineer, Full-stack

Nadee Kangwongkij (Wai)

Project Manager

Nattha Tandeemaporn (Mook)

UX/UI Designer

Nicharee Chansaeng (Muk)

Project Manager

Nisita Booncharoensombat (Ni)

Marketing Manager

Sapanya Sreesook (Song)

UX/UI Designer

Sopistha Thunprateep (Kel)

UX Researcher

Supawit Pipat (Thank)

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Thanapol Thanamitr (Aum)

Data Analyst

Jutatip Lilapuntisit (Khaopot)

Project Manager, Blue Basket

Tech Stack