Thai Festival


Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo




Design and Development

This project is different from the other project from Boonmee Lab because we need to consider Japanese users’ perceptions of the website, therefore, we paid attention to website layout, content, and visual planning. Through research during the designing process, we learned differences in details on how to design for Japanese users that can be applied to our project.

Am Senior Designer

I enjoyed working on this project since the team could put their creative ideas such as colorful illustrations and energetic transitions into this project. These elements helped bring the website to life.

Max Frontend Developer

We successfully delivered a visually captivating bilingual website in a short time frame, seamlessly integrated with a powerful content management system. Our client can update their content with ease to ensure timely and relevant information for their audience. Every page of the website was thoughtfully enriched with eye-catching animations that not only enhanced visual appeal but also hinted at interactivity, creating a truly engaging user experience.

Joe Managing Director